Testimonial - Rebounding helped Mia lose weight and gain energy

fitness testimonial Feb 18, 2021

A friend invited me to try rebounding with Lisa  about a year ago. I went to the class  and although I was really unfit and overweight (it was tough), the music and movements in the class, as well as Lisa herself inspired me to try another class.  Soon I was hooked!  

Rebounding testimonial: Mia's weight loss journey

After rebounding the first couple of times, I experienced some detox symptoms, but then came the energy and I started feeling great after each class. As a working mother with two super busy children, the energy I felt was highly welcomed.

I never started out with a plan to lose weight, but I’m happy and proud to say that since starting rebounding, I have lost around 30kg! My skin has also started glowing from the lymph drainage that happens naturally during a bouncing session.

Lisa Raleigh rebounding

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All in all, I’d say I’m fitter, stronger, slimmer and healthier than I've ever been. In fact, I’ve had such great results with rebounding that I even let my kids do classes. My 14-year-old son uses rebounding to stay fit for his rugby and this has helped him immensely (side benefit is helping him with his rhythm and coordination too.

Rebounding testimonial: Mia's son weight loss

Mia's 14-year-old son has also lost weight and gotten fitter from rebounding

Thank-you Lisa for your support, you are the best!

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