Testimonial - Rebounding gave Alma her body and confidence back

fitness testimonial Feb 18, 2021

Alma Geyser is the winner of our second 8-week Bounti Challenge! Alma lost a whopping 7kg and plenty of centimetres all over her body, including her arms, waist, hips, and thighs.

For this challenge, contestants had to follow a rebounding programme, as well as a healthy eating plan tailored to suit their needs. Alma stuck religiously to the plan and did so well.

Alma’s rebounding journey

Alma Bounti 8-Week Challenge winner

What started out as a journey to lose weight, has turned into so much more. While “the outside” of me has definitely changed, I think “the inside” has changed even more. Lisa’s Elimin8 Programme not only flushed my body of toxins, but my skin, negative thoughts, and mood too. It was definitely a mindset change!

Both the meal plan and rebounding programme were easy to follow, inspiring and perfectly challenging. I felt awesome throughout the 8-weeks.

I never felt hungry or craved food on the programme. The recipes were also easy to follow and delicious...my kids started to make their own healthy meals which made me so proud!

A huge thanks to Lisa for this incredible Bounti Challenge that has gotten me back into shape and made me healthier and stronger. The team’s constant support also played a big role in my persistence.

I’ve gained confidence, respect for my body, strength, endurance, love for exercise, cooking skills and most importantly self-love. This comprehensive programme was the first step to making health a priority for me. Looking forward to staying on track and getting stronger and more toned.

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