“Nothing feels as good, as feeling good feels”

Mar 28, 2023

SO…you’re one of almost 10,000, yup TEN THOUSAND, who’ve bounced with us in our free online Zoom classes!

SO…now we’re checking in on you! What are you up to now? Do you still bounce with us (regularly)?


SO…did you know; Our live online streamed classes are STILL absolutely 100% FREE…we’re doing our part and stepping up for you, now’s your turn to meet us half-way?


REMEMBER; Movement is medicine! If you’ve stopped, please allow this message to be a calling to get you back up onto your rebounder!

If you haven’t stopped…WAY TO GO…please let us know how we can improve the experience and make it even better for you? 

We have so many ways for you to stay progressing with bounti on your rebounding journey.

Here’s a really cool comprehensive BLOG post that explains your entire progressive rebounding metamorphosis.


Here are some useful links:


Did you know that we also offer ALL of our bounti Programmes in our flexible monthly Subscription Services?

  • The Life of bounti Subscription - you gain all-you-can eat access to our ENTIRE bounti library – PLUS 20 brand-new, never-before-seen, stand-alone workouts every month – for an affordable, fixed monthly fee.
  • The FOMO Fundi Subscription - gives you access to those 20 brand new standalone workouts every month, but for a cheaper monthly fee.


You want anti traffic and load-shedding friendly workouts? (i.e. downloadable and you can watch them without any internet connection or power (provided the device is charged))

  • Here are our FOMO workouts which are recordings of our in-person bounti classes; “FOMO” stands for “fear of missing out” and with these workouts, you don’t have to!
  • We have almost a THOUSAND workouts in our FOMO library.
  • Shop workouts from your favourite bounti trainer, class-style or fitness level – either individually, or bundled together!
  • Once you’ve downloaded them, you can bounce offline. Take that, Eskom!


Prefer in-person classes?

  • Bounce with us in-person at the bounti Studio (corner of Posthouse and Main Road in Bryanston) – the BIGGEST rebounding studio on the African continent!
  • We have over 20 classes per week from all of our incredible bounti trainers! There’s sure to be at least one to suit your age, stage, mood, fitness level and schedule.
  • All the rebounders and equipment are supplied FOR you.
  • All you have to do is show up, and give it your best!
  • You first in-person class is 100% FREE!


If you prefer bouncing from the comfort of your own home, have you checked out our new bounti equipment? We’re constantly bringing you COOL accessories, each with their own versatile characteristics and unique ergonomics, to spice up your rebounding and take your workout intensity up a notch! If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you…and who says workout gear can’t be beautiful, meaningful and inspirational!


We REALLY hope you’re using a bounti rebounder? Remember that our rebounders are highly curated by Lisa herself ensuring the BEST quality and bounce – retail rebounders are NO GO…PLEASE!

Got a Deluxe rebounder? Lucky you!! Now you can PIMP YOUR RIDE 

If you have a bounti Spring Rebounder, and would like to upgrade to a bounti Bungee, SO many are doing this right now, we have the option for you to donate your used Spring Rebounder to a cancer patient in need!

Be sure to check out all of our rebounder options – we truly offer an option for every circumstance. Some are travel-friendly, others have a higher weight limit and others you can accessorise with beautiful skirts, colourful bungee cords or gorgeous carry bags. Out of our 5 options, there’s sure to be at least one rebounder that fits your needs, budget and lifestyle! Confused about which one is for you? Check out Staf explaining the range.


If you haven’t bounced in a while, we’d like to encourage you to GET BACK ON THE SADDLE! Rebounding makes exercise convenient, cost-effective and time-efficient. It’s also totally loadshedding-friendly, with NO electricity required! We don’t call it the “miracle modality” for no reason… It truly does have infinite benefits for your body, and is incredibly worth it.


We strive to make it so easy, accessible and affordable – with so many different options for you to choose from… With so many different ways to bounce, there really are NO excuses!

Keep getting up, dressing up and showing up for yourself! When motivation runs out, discipline is what needs to keep you going. Remember that consistency beats intensity every time, so – even if it’s not a sweat-drenching, calorie-torching workout every time – KEEP MOVING! You’ve got this!!


Please send any questions, comments or queries to [email protected].

The bounti Team has your back, every bounce of the way!


Your best self is waiting, and every time you rebound, you’re one bounce closer.


Yours in health and wellness,

The bounti Team.