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fitness Nov 25, 2022

What is bounti SCULPT?

bounti SCULPT was developed with beloved bounti instructor, Steph B, who has been doing bounti classes with us for quite some time now. She brings a whole different dynamic and style to the bounti offering – one that involves rebounding with more poise, control, lengthening and toning. A huge focus of SCULPT is technique! 

Steph created and developed bounti SCULPT in alignment with her love and passion for movement. SCULPT was initially only Steph’s live bounti class style, however, after we realised that she has her own unique style, equipment and way of rebounding, we decided to formalise bounti SCULPT and make it into a full-blown programme, with a beginner, intermediate and advanced phase.

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The Beginner bounti SCULPT Programme is not necessarily for rebounding beginners, newbies or people who have never rebounded before. This programme is for all of you who are new to SCULPT. Although it starts at a beginner level, it’s recommended that, even if you’re an advanced rebounder or super fit, you do it to build up and layer your SCULPT technique.

bounti SCULPT includes an introduction to the Pilates and Barre principles within the context of rebounding, so that you can master fundamental techniques and get the most out of, not only your bounti SCULPT workouts, but your rebounding as a whole, and other training as well. Within SCULPT, there really is a focus on establishing a good mind-body connection, which is beneficial no matter what activity you’re doing.



What is the Beginner bounti SCULPT Programme? 

The Beginner bounti SCULPT Programme is a progressive journey, where Steph takes you through a comprehensive layering of techniques, equipment and coordination, which incorporate rebounding with more of a Pilates feel.

Steph adds the elements of control, balance, mobility, core work and alignment, with strong focus on good technique, to ensure that you are confident with moving your body in the most efficient and effective ways – limiting injury and maximising your overall results. 

The entire SCULPT Programme is actually shot in front of mirrors, so that the viewer has a full 360-degree view of Steph. This means you can see the correct technique from absolutely all angles! Steph also only wears all-black athleisure throughout the programme, so that you can see her form properly, without distracting or disorienting patterns or bright colours. The whole programme is just so neat, uniform and classy, with such a sleek look and feel.

Equipment remains light and minimal, and movements remain simple as the focus is primarily on creating and developing a better mind-body connection.

WATCH: Screen recording of the Beginner bounti SCULPT Programme


Please note that although this is the foundation level of SCULPT, the beginner workout is suitable for all levels of fitness, providing enough of a challenge for even advanced students. It’s recommended that those at an advanced level take on this beginner’s programme first in order to broaden their fitness knowledge, and get better results in the intermediate and advanced levels, as well as within their current workout plans.

The 10 Beginner SCULPT workouts, each 30 minutes in length, include a variety of different, dynamic exercises, including standing, kneeling, lying down (supine and prone) and seated both on and off the rebounder. Each class focuses on moving the body in a 3-dimensional way (forward and back, side-to-side and in twisting/rotational movement), using a variety of light pieces of equipment. Controlled movements are also used a lot to effectively activate and recruit a variety of muscles, focusing on lengthening and toning.

Please note that these 10 workouts are not standalone sessions – it’s highly recommended that you do the 10 sessions in order from 1 to 10, as they progress and layer on from each other, with you learning a new concept in each one. You may repeat the workouts if you feel as though it’s necessary to do so.

The 10 beginner workouts will ensure greater confidence in overall movement with ongoing reminders taken from the basic Pilates principles, including: 

  • Breathing
  • The pelvic floor and pelvic placement
  • Abdominal muscle recruitment
  • Scapular stabilisation
  • Rib cage placement
  • Movement from the neck in both flexion and extension exercises

Gain 6-month access to this all-encompassing programme, that makes exercise fun and brings real, sustainable results, no matter your level of fitness.

What is the Intermediate bounti SCULPT Programme?

The SCULPT Intermediate Programme includes 10 intermediate workouts, at 45 minutes each. The workouts in this programme will feel slightly more intense, not only due to the increased duration, but also through the addition of heavier weights, more reps, a faster pace, and the need for more coordination and balance. Following on from Beginner bounti SCULPT, you should now be more comfortable with easily integrating the beginner principles into these sessions.

If you have not already, it’s strongly recommended that you complete the Beginner bounti SCULPT Programme BEFORE attempting SCULPT Intermediate. This is because the Beginner SCULPT Programme moves at a slightly slower pace, and introduces the basic principles into your workouts that form the basis of all workouts that follow. Understanding correct technique makes your workouts so much more effective, and assists in improving your overall results!

Please note that these 10 workouts are also NOT standalone sessions – it’s highly recommended that you do the 10 sessions in order from 1 to 10, as they progress and layer on from each other, with you learning a new concept in each one. 

The objective of the Intermediate bounti SCULPT Programme is to become even more comfortable with naturally adding good technique and mindfulness into each rebounding class. Nourishing your mind-body connection means that you should become more aware of your muscles and have a better understanding of how to connect with them more intimately.

WATCH: Steph introducing the Intermediate bounti SCULPT Programme

WATCH: Screen recording of the Intermediate bounti SCULPT Programme


What will you need for bounti SCULPT? 

We have some exciting new equipment that goes with each of these programmes!

The one that Steph is most excited about is our bounti HALO weight! This sleek, elegant weight is as though a dumbbell, medicine ball and kettle bell had a baby! There is a small 2.27kg (5lb) version, as well as a larger 4.5kg (10lb) version. Use it during your bounti SCULPT Programme, your other rebounding workouts or as a sexy addition to your home gym to intensify your strength workouts. 

Please note that only the 2.27kg (5lb) bounti HALO is used in the Beginner and Intermediate bounti SCULPT Programmes, and the heavier bounti HALO is only used in the later stages of the bounti SCULPT Programme.

This stunning, ring-shaped weight has a non-slip texture, as well as a classy look and feel. Add style and sophistication to your gym arsenal with a bounti HALO!

We also have our bounti SCULPT bands, in the colours green and yellow. These bands are longer than a typical resistance band to accommodate the more dynamic Pilates-style movements included in SCULPT workouts. The yellow band is lighter in resistance, while the green band is more of a medium resistance. They simply provide you with the necessary freedom to do all of those lengthening and stretching movements that are so heavily incorporated in bounti SCULPT.

Add these exciting new accessories to your repertoire of gym goodies!

Other standard equipment used in Beginner bounti SCULPT includes:

Click HERE to check out our cost-effective bundle of Mini Infinity Loop Bands and Anti-Slip Resistance Band Covers.



The Intermediate bounti SCULPT Programme's equipment includes:

Our 11-Loop Resistance Bands are an addition to bounti SCULPT in the intermediate version of this programme. 

Resistance bands are one of the most versatile, adaptable training tools, that allow you to add resistance to your workouts – whatever you’re doing, wherever you are. These 11-Loop Resistance Bands – which are medium level of resistance – are incredibly unique with their 11 consecutive holes through which you can grip, using either your hands or feet, to allow for a versatile and vast range of movement and exercises. Use them to work both your upper and lower body… They assist with flexibility and improve mobility too!

Resistance bands add intensity to your workouts by activating and recruiting different muscle groups, such as your glutes, shoulders or back! They can be even more challenging and dynamic than free weights!

When using a resistance band, you're more likely to keep your muscles engaged throughout the exercise! This strengthens and lengthens your muscles, while also improving your control. Unlike free weights, they also don’t have a gravitational pull, which spares you joint and tendon pain.

Their uses are endless, and they’re small enough to pop into even the smallest handbag and take with you on the go. Build strength, challenge yourself and optimise your bounti SCULPT workouts by adding these effective, yet efficient, resistance bands to your training accessory repertoire.

WATCH: The bounti SCULPT 11-Loop Resistance Band


The inspiration behind bounti SCULPT

So much love, thought and hard work went into developing, shooting and curating this incredible programme. To truly understand the inspiration behind it, let’s hear from bounti SCULPT creator, Steph, herself…

“To me, SCULPT is a personal journey of how movement has inspired me and given my life a sense of purpose.

It's inspired by a variety of key moments in my life, starting from my very early love for ballet, which I took in my first years of nursery school, where I was given free classes by a very kind ballet teacher who knew I couldn't afford them.

Once I hit primary and high school, that was the end of dancing for me. So I knew as soon as I could afford it I would do it again. Straight after my 4th year in varsity and getting my first paying job, I joined an adult beginner class.

This was paramount in me finding my purpose in life, and realising the passion I had for movement. A phrase I use often is that I am ‘INSPIRED BY MOVEMENT’, and I truly believe in that. There was a point in my adult life where I felt I had no purpose. It was a really depressing time for me, and I realised that I needed to find what makes me feel alive. It was at that point that I decided to take a Pilates course, which to this day I continue to expand on, and then teach.

Teaching was something so fulfilling for me. It brought a part of me to others, and let me see the same emotions of excitement and happiness in my students’ faces reflected back to me.

The beautiful, long and controlled movements offered by Pilates and Barre are so integral to the SCULPT Programme. This, combined with my deep enjoyment for movement and challenging my body, have definitely inspired the progressions and choreography.

Shooting SCULPT has been a rollercoaster of emotion for me, specifically because of the amount of thought and effort that has gone into building something that is basically a story of movement in my mind. It's incredible to have developed something that is all me and inspires me. I hope it translates the same way as I have imagined it.

I hope that bounti SCULPT gives everyone the same excitement and joy, and challenges you in a different way, both physically and mentally. I want people to feel proud of themselves as they progress. My deepest wish is that bounti SCULPT also enables all of you to feel ‘INSPIRED BY MOVEMENT’.”

– Steph B


Why should you do bounti SCULPT?

Although I’ve been rebounding for ages, I’m so excited about this programme - I’m definitely going to do it myself. I feel like within rebounding, there are always ways in which we can improve and progress! It’s a modality that has so many different styles… you can never get bored. I’m always looking to take my rebounding up a notch and find new challenges, so bounti SCULPT here we go!

For everyone who’s chosen rebounding as their primary exercise modality, especially our loyal bounti clients, it’s especially important to constantly try new things and challenge your body in different ways. Beat that plateau!

bounti SCULPT also helps you to learn and practice proper technique, which is something that’s absolutely critical in preventing injury and in getting the results you want.

Just because bounti SCULPT is low-intensity, does NOT mean it’s easy… it challenges your body in a completely different way! It includes a lot of isometric movements, compound movements and slower movements done with a whole lot more control, which makes it difficult in such a different way from high-intensity exercise.

I’m very proud of the programme. It’s so beautifully shot and curated and definitely such a different rebounding experience, with a never-before-seen look and feel. Steph truly adds such a unique, valuable dynamic to our bounti offering. Huge congrats to Steph for developing a programme that extends her passion for rebounding and movement. I really think you’re all going to love this one!


How is bounti SCULPT different from bounti POUNCE?

Although both bounti SCULPT and bounti POUNCE are similarly Pilates-based approaches to rebounding, they are very different programmes.

bounti POUNCE is more focused on the 10 principles of Pilates, where you apply these principles during 30 minutes of mat work, and then do rebounding cardio for the other 30 minutes. With SCULPT, both of these are interwoven, with each session including a warm-up, following by a toning and cardio mixed together, interlocked throughout the workout. SCULPT includes, but doesn’t strictly focus on the 10 principles of Pilates, with more focus on Barre as well. Steph also includes a lot of her passion for ballet within the bounti SCULPT Programme.

The equipment between the two programmes is also different. For example, where bounti POUNCE includes a Pilates ring, bounti SCULPT utilises the circular bounti HALO weight.

POUNCE is also a programme that’s progressive over 12 weeks, whereas SCULPT is 10 progressive workouts for each broader level of difficulty. For example, these first 10 Beginner SCULPT workouts will be followed by a set of progressive intermediate SCULPT workouts, and eventually, a set of advanced progressive SCULPT workouts, while POUNCE is a single, progressive programme. 

Both programmes are amazing, world-firsts that will definitely take your bouncing and fitness skills to the next level!


WATCH: More on Steph and bounti SCULPT!

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